So Glad I Found Puppy Playland

Let me start off by saying how nervous I was about adopting a puppy online. I searched many sites, including the ones that expose the scammers, and found Puppy Playland. I dealt with Jodi, to adopt my Mini Dachshund, now named Strudel. I debated for several weeks and asked many questions and even face timed with Jodi as she patiently showed me all 7 available puppies. My girl was delivered to me just 4 days ago, along with her puppy book, food, toys, a blanket and some chew bones. The book has so much helpful information and there was also a note, saying to call with any future questions or concerns. Strudel is so sweet and learns very quickly. She was obviously socialized very well and started on training also. My vet said she is a happy, healthy puppy. I couldn’t be more pleased and would highly recommend Puppy Playland.

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